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27 Apr 17

Thorntons targets Edinburgh expansion

Further recruitment promised to add to recent growth

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27 Apr 17

Solicitors thanked for "amazing" support for challenge to SLCC budget

More than 6,700 emails sent to MSPs following Society appeal

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27 Apr 17

Advocate appointed in-house convener at Mental Health Tribunals

Tribunal member Morag Jack attains management role

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27 Apr 17

Scottish Law Commission asks for input on future agenda

Consultation launched on 10th law reform programme

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26 Apr 17

Poor judicial diversity a constitutional issue, JUSTICE report claims

Working party calls for "active steps" to recruit from wider sources

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Ruthven Gemmell


Specialist advice

Help on our shores


The importance of thinking differently

Criminal Justice Act

A new crime scene

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Help on our shores

Specialist advice for refugees and asylum seekers is emerging as a serious issue, as a Home Office dispersal programme takes shape. We report on a round table discussion over the practical problems

The importance of thinking differently

Do you feel the need for change in your business but find it much harder to adopt the necessary mindset to see it through? Try these seven steps to make the process manageable

A new crime scene

The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 is effecting substantial changes to Scots law and procedure. This article focuses on challenges that will arise in practice at the first stages after arrest

Embarking on the UK-EU negotiations

The latest briefing from the UK Law Societies' Brussels Office sets out the basis on which the EU is likely to approach the Brexit negotiations

Pursuers' offers: proceed with care

Rules bringing in a system of pursuers’ offers in personal injury cases have come into force, but an apparently simple scheme contains hidden difficulties

From discount to premium

Last month's announcement of a change in the discount rate for calculating future loss will have a significant effect on damages awards, but does it herald further change?

The law, standing accused

Has the legal profession failed working women? Though unsuccessful at the recent Women in Law Scotland debate, there are arguments to the contrary – but also action points for making a difference

Equality – the global agenda

A Scottish solicitor who took part as a delegate at the 2017 UN Commission on the Status of Women, explains the aims of the Commission and the impact of this year’s event

The Discount Rate – what next?

In association with Tilney: comment on the new rate to apply in calculating damages

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