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Essential finance skills

5 Apr 17

Law Society of Scotland CPD

Breaking through financial jargon to interpret account statements and balance sheets can be daunting. This one day course will give you the knowledge and skills required to operate with confidence when undertaking finance tasks.

Karen Price, founder of KMP training, will explain budget control and accurate forecasting, effective cost-management and how to understand company accounts and cash flow statements in this essential and practical course.

The first session of the day will help you to create and understand your budget accurately over the year, helping you to identify peaks and troughs of income and expenditure and avoid any nasty surprises later on. You’ll then learn about cost types and behaviours, as well as the impact of your decisions before moving on to understanding company accounts.

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Essential finance skills is suitable for all levels of experience - whether you’re involved in reviewing financial information to make business decisions, working closely with finance colleagues or taking on the responsibility of a budget for the first time.

Why should I attend?

Knowing what is on a balance sheet and understanding what to do with the information it contains is vital for many modern management roles. Once you can get a grip on the numbers, you will able to gain insight into the health of your department or organisation that will help considerably with forward planning.

On the day, you’ll cover:

  • Understanding financial jargon
  • Constructing, monitoring and reviewing budgets
  • Components of operational and sales budgets
  • Accurate forecasting and interpreting trends
  • Cost types and behaviours
  • The importance of credit control and managing cash flows
  • How to interpret accounts, profit and loss statements and balance sheets
  • Company reports and accounts
  • Key accounting ratios
  • Company valuations and acquisitions

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