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Seminar featuring keynote speaker Professor Dan Metcalfe, an eminent Professor of Law from the US

24 March 10

Opportunity for legal professionals to meet with eminent Professor from Washington School of Law

The Centre for Freedom of Information in Scotland is delighted to be hosting a seminar featuring keynote speaker Professor Dan Metcalfe, an eminent Professor of Law from the US, and the Scottish Information Commissioner, Kevin Dunion, on Wednesday 24 March 2010, from 6pm to 8pm, in the Symposium Hall, Royal College of Surgeon’s, Edinburgh. 


Professor Metcalfe has never visited Scotland before so this is a great opportunity for legal professions interested in government transparency and FOI to hear first hand about his experiences defending these cases, and advising the US government, and put questions to him. 


About Professor Metcalfe

Professor Metcalfe joined the Washington College of Law in 2007 on retiring from a career in US government service.  He is Executive Director of the school's Collaboration on Government Secrecy.  During his 25 year career in the US civil service, he advised government departments on the administration of the Freedom of Information Act and supervised the defence of over 500 FOIA and Privacy Act lawsuits. 

He met with nearly 100 nations and international governing bodies as they developed and implemented government transparency laws. More recently, he has lectured on the performance of the Obama Administration in its efforts to become "the most transparent administration in history". 

About the Scottish Information Commissioner

Kevin Dunion OBE is the first Scottish Information Commissioner, and has been enforcing and promoting Scotland’s FOI Act since it came into force in January 2005.  He has taken almost 1,000 formal decisions some of which have led to the release of information to the public for the firs time e.g. MSPs expenses, surgical mortality rates.  He has recently called upon the Scottish government to use its powers to extend coverage of the Act to more bodies who are delivering Scotland’s public services.





About the Seminar

Professor Metcalfe will talk about the US experience of FOI, and the Scottish Information Commissioner will respond.  They will reflect on the experience of implementation in the US and what lessons can be learned by Scotland, which is now 5 years into its FOI regime.  Professor Metcalfe will talk abut he experience of the Obama administration. 


If you would like to book to attend the seminar please contact Donna Hendry or download a booking form  To attend the seminar only the closing date is Friday 19th March 2010.  The booking fee to attend is £17.00



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