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Strategic leadership for partners

25 April 17

Law Society of Scotland CPD

Strategy in today's competitive and fast-changing landscape is moving away from just 'strategic planning' to more 'strategic thinking', in order to respond more effectively and quickly to changes. When lawyers take on partner, senior partner, managing partner and board positions, they will now need to take a more strategic view of the business they are responsible for. This one-day workshop for partners in law firms will increase the participants' confidence and ability to operate and think at a strategic level.

Learning Outcomes

  • The importance and application of strategic, critical and creative thinking
  • Strategic thinking tools and processes
  • Critical thinking tools and processes
  • Critical thinking tools for analysing and questioning the staus quo
  • Creative thinking for generating new opportunities and solutions
  • Strategic business models
  • Stategic analysis tools
  • Barriers to strategic thinking and how to overcome them
  • Leading strategic change

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