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Legalnomics: Finance, economics and data analysis for lawyers

16 October 17

Law Society of Scotland CPD & Training

Whether it be settling lawsuits, advising on business transactions, or assisting a client in purchasing property, lawyers regularly use economic principles when advising on decisions, often without realising it.

Legal rules – both in the way they are formulated and how they affect clients’ interests - can be explained and rationalised by economic theories. Without an understanding of the economics we can’t truly understand the principles underlying the legal system.

Ultimately lawyers are a ‘cost’ to their clients. Being able to understand and interpret a client's financial circumstances can help lawyers to evaluate problems in a strategic manner, make rational business decisions and provide a more effective service.

Lawyers across the spectrum can benefit from a firm grasp of financial principles. Understanding valuation and risk can lead to offering better advice on divisions of assets and litigation while interpreting statistical data and establishing its robustness applies in business contexts, criminal evidence or determining causation.

Join us for Legalnomics: Finance, economics and data analysis for lawyers as experts in economics, finance, accounting and statistical analysis lead this conference and will relate the principles discussed to specific legal examples, ensuring that you can approach these issues with confidence in your day-to-day work.

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