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Edinburgh Legal Walk 2019

7 October 19

In association with 'The Access to Justice Foundation'

Please click here to register a team for the Edinburgh Legal Walk 2019 on 7th October.

We will then get in touch with you shortly afterwards and provide you with all the details, create an online fundraising page for you and send you additional materials as well.
If you have any problems or questions with this form please do contact us.

Funds raised will go to support local advice agencies and charities throughout Scotland.

Remember, if you are...

  • a legal advice agency you can raise the funds for your agency by signing up and telling us how much you raise.
  • a law firm or chambers you can raise 50% for your favourite legal advice charity and 50% for the ATJF by telling us which partner agency you want to raise for.

We hope most law firms, in house legal teams and advocates will allow 100% to go to the Access to Justice Foundation (Scotland) as those funds are strategically targeted at agencies most in need (and there are a lot of those!)



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