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Death certificate protocol

1 December 02

Protocol expected to be agreed with banks, building societies and insurers for intimating death when acting for deceased’s representatives

Following an exchange of correspondence with the General Registrar Office published in the Journal of June 2001 at page 16, a protocol has now been agreed between the British Bankers Association, Building Societies Association, Association of British Insurers and the Law Society in England and Wales. It is anticipated that a similar protocol will be agreed in Scotland, along the lines of the attached letter (which can be modified) and intimation form - which should remain constant.The wording is noted below.

If solicitors experience difficulty in intimating deaths in this way please write to Bruce Ritchie at the Society to bring to the attention of the Professional Practice Committee who are monitoring the situation.


Re:  xxxxx deceased

Ref: xxxxx [account/policy/pension number]

We regret to inform you that xxxxx [full name] died on xxxxx at xxxxx.  We act for xxxxx, who are personal representatives of xxxxx.

We are in possession of a certified copy of the entry of the death, the full details of which  can be found in the attached schedule.* We confirm that we will forward the copy of the death certificate if the xxxxx [bank/insurer/pension provider]  requires it.

We would be grateful if you would please note the fact of this death and take such action as is required.

We would be grateful if you could also provide precise details of all xxxxx [accounts/insurance policy/assets] held by you and their value as at xxxxx [date of death] for the purpose of administering the estate.

*Insurers/Pension providers will also require birth and marriage forms to be completed for certain purposes.