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European decision backs Society’s position on MDPs

1 March 02

European Court in Nova upholds professional rules prohibiting multi-disciplinary partnerships

Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980 and the Constitution of the Law Society of Scotland, an election of 14 members of Council representing the solicitors having places of business in the several constituencies undernoted is about to be held.

Every member of the Society having a place of business as defined in Article 2 of the Constitution of the Society in the constituencies below as at 1st November 2001 is entitled to one vote for each candidate up to the number of members of Council to be elected by that constituency.  A member of the Society cannot vote in more than one constituency.

The Returning Officer for the purpose of this election is The Secretary, The Law Society of Scotland, 26 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7YR.

No person may be elected a member of Council unless he or she is a member of the Society and unless a nomination paper in respect of such person is sent or delivered by hand so as to reach the office of the Returning Officer before Noon on Monday 22nd April 2002.

Forms of nomination papers may be obtained from the Returning Officer on application.

Every person proposed for election for a constituency must be nominated by a separate nomination paper in the appropriate form contained in Part II of the Second Schedule to the said Constitution and every nomination paper must be subscribed by two proposers, being electors in the constituency, and shall contain a statement subscribed by the candidate that he or she consents to be nominated and that, if elected, he or she accepts office as a member of the Council.

No person may sign more nomination papers than the number of members to be elected by the constituency.

Douglas R Mill, Returning Officer