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New Edinburgh PEC service

1 May 04

New property enquiry certificate service from Edinburgh Council, including an online service

As part of an ongoing service improvement initiative, and following discussion with the Conveyancing Committee, the City of Edinburgh Council’s property enquiry certificate (PEC) service has been redesigned. Customer comments have resulted in: better layout – a new page provides an at-a-glance summary of the property information; improved response times – information within 24 hours; and a professional indemnity policy covering the certificate.

Another key change, again prompted by customer comments, is the ability to request and receive a PEC online ( This service is accessed through a customer-created secure account on the Council’s Planning & Building Control portal. Once the customer has requested a PEC, they are notified by email that the request has been received, and is being processed. A further email is sent when the PEC is ready to be retrieved from the customer’s account. The Council will by appointment walk you through the registration process and help you order your first e-PEC.

A new pricing structure has been introduced to reflect changes to the Scottish Water information. Over the next few months, further service enhancements are planned, including adding statutory notice information.