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Complaints about endowment policies

18 July 05

What to do if the Financial Ombudsman Service (which does not have jurisdiction) attempts to investigate a complaint against a solicitor in relation to endowment policies

Some firms of Scottish solicitors have received correspondence from the Financial Ombudsman Service asking them to respond to complaints made about the provision of endowment policies to clients.

The Financial Ombudsman Service does not have jurisdiction to deal with such complaints against Scottish solicitors.

The Financial Ombudsman Service has indicated to the Society that if firms receive correspondence from it seeking to investigate complaints, they should in the first instance contact the writer of the letter to point out that jurisdiction for the complaint lies with the Law Society of Scotland and suggesting that the correspondence should be passed to the Society’s Client Relations Office for consideration.

A special email address has been set up by the Financial Ombudsman Service to deal with these circumstances and it is