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Will relief now underway

15 May 06

Reasons for the change of name from Solicitors Will Aid (Scotland)

Solicitors who signed up to Graham Pagan’s invitation to support Solicitors Will Aid Scotland (see February Journal, page 34) will have received a letter from him explaining a change of name to Will Relief Scotland. This follows a threat of legal proceedings from the UK Will Aid consortium.

Mr Pagan, who received a special award at the Society’s AGM this year in recognition of his achievements since devising the Will Aid concept in 1988, says he considers it “absolutely disgraceful” that a group of charities should apparently be willing to spend money on legal costs in this way, but has decided not to get involved in expensive and time-consuming proceedings, hence the change of name. He undertakes that all the money raised from the campaign, running this month, apart from meeting essential costs such as printing, will be spent on poverty relief in developing countries.