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Society extends ID card

15 May 06

Solicitors' identity cards to remain valid until 31 December each year to avoid problems of expiry before new ones can be issued

In November last year it became difficult for solicitors in some areas to visit clients in police cells as the Society’s identity card became invalid at midnight on 31 October. This problem had occurred to a lesser extent in previous years.

Following correspondence with the Glasgow Bar Association, and with the approval of Council, the Professional Practice Committee has decided that with immediate effect, the identity card will be valid until midnight on 31 December in any year to allow time for the renewal procedures to complete. 

To avoid those already holding identity cards for 2005-06 having difficulty at the end of the year it was decided to reissue the identity cards free of charge and this has now been done.

All applications for the renewal of ID cards should still be received by the Records Officer by 31 October.