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Access to prisons and YOIs

15 May 06

Reminder from Serco Home Affairs of search procedures on entering an establishment

Serco Home Affairs have asked that the Society remind its members that they will be required to undergo the same search procedures on entering an establishment as all other visitors and staff.   

This may involve a rub-down search by an appropriate member of staff, along with the removal of any outer garments of clothing, such as jackets and raincoats. Any items which alarm the metal detection devices will be removed where possible, until such times as staff are satisfied all items have been checked.

All items which the visitor may be permitted to have within the establishment will be returned to them on completion of the search procedures. Failure to comply with search procedures will result in the visitor being refused entry to the establishment.

These procedures are in accordance with rule 86A of the Prison and Young Offenders Institution (Scotland) Rules 1994.