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CPD after self-certification

21 August 06

Reminder that the new system of self-certification for CPD must be properly complied with or solicitors risk prosecution

The new system of self-certification for CPD on practising certificate forms has generally worked well since its introduction last year. However, some solicitors have claimed compliance while not actually meeting the CPD requirements.

This is a serious matter and a small number of solicitors may yet be referred to the Professional Conduct Committee with a recommendation for prosecution.

Solicitors must maintain a record of seminars attended and also ensure that seminar providers are able to confirm attendance, not just booking. Several solicitors have had CPD hours disallowed when providers were unable to confirm attendance.

The Competence Committee is grateful to the vast majority of the profession for their ready acceptance of the new CPD procedure.

For more information contact George Samson (; t: 0131 476 8142) or search the Society’s website by entering “CPD” in the search box on the home page. All previous guidance notes and forms remain available on the website. It is also possible to download the old-style record card if required for your own records