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SCDEA and the Society

12 February 07

The Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency is working with the Society to raise awareness of trends in organised crime and give practical advice to solicitors

The Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) is working with the Society to explore ways of raising awareness of new and emerging trends in organised crime and assist with effective education and training in relation to serious organised crime activity.

Whereas in the past, SCDEA’s activities have centred on enforcement and the ultimate aim of the arrest of the criminal, its new interventions strategy focuses on the disruption and prevention of organised crime. Key to its success is the formation of new partnerships and the delivery of education and training to both the public and private sectors.

Detective Chief Superintendent Porter, Head of Interventions said: “We are currently involved in the investigation of the business dealings, legitimate or otherwise of organised crime groups, and to this end we would hope to identify to Law Society of Scotland members, the trends which emerge and the types of modus operandi used to facilitate for example, money laundering.  In sharing this information and intelligence with the Society, we can hopefully assist in preventing solicitors unwittingly becoming involved in facilitating such activities.”

The Society is committed to working with other organisations to improve the knowledge and understanding of how serious crime operates and how that impacts on solicitors in particular and the economy in general.

Morag Newton, Guarantee Fund Director at the Society, said: “In understanding these matters we can educate the profession on the threat to their reputation and their business and give practical advice on how to avoid criminals targeting solicitors to launder the proceeds of crime.

“Criminals are innovative and methods of addressing serious crime have to be too if they are to be successful. The proactive partnership approach being taken by SCDEA is to be commended and the Society is delighted to be part of that process.”

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