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Keep your Roll entry up to date

14 July 08

Reminder from the Society of members' obligations to advise of any change in status, including new business address

Being on the Roll of Solicitors is what entitles you to call yourself a solicitor. Members are however reminded of their obligation to advise the Society of any change in their status in terms of s 8(2) of the Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980, which requires solicitors to “inform them [the Society] in writing of [the solicitor’s] new address” on any change in their business address.

The Society regards 30 days as a reasonable period within which members should intimate details of their new address, with the date of change, and it helps to include any new email address as well as any other relevant change in circumstances or status.

It is important that members understand and appreciate the Society’s duties in regard to maintaining the Roll of Solicitors, both in the interests of preservation of members’ rights and in the proper pursuit of those who wrongly purport to be solicitors. There are many benefits to members and their firms/employers from an accurate entry on the Roll, including reduced confusion at renewal and increased quality of communication from the Society, as well as keeping costs down.

Bruce Ritchie, Director of Professional Practice