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PAS proves a hit

15 May 17

Registers of Scotland page: RoS's Plan Assistance Service, which supports the mapping of sasine titles into the Land Register, has proved popular since its launch earlier this year

by Registers of Scotland

2017 is a big year for Registers of Scotland, with our celebrations marking 400 years of land registration in Scotland paralleling the development of a wide range of new digital products and services. As part of the latter, the year has already witnessed the launch of our enhanced Plan Assistance Service (PAS).

In line with our digital transformation goals, the new offering now allows for PAS requests to be submitted, managed and completed entirely digitally. The online portal uses the existing RoS eServices platform which existing customers will be familiar with.

What is PAS?

PAS is one of the most valuable services on offer from RoS. It supports the process of land registration by directly addressing the legislative obligation that property be mapped. Interpretation of sasine titles onto the modern Ordnance Map to a registration standard can be problematic. PAS can assist by examining the relevant titles to offer an interpretation of the titles based on the Ordnance Survey MasterMap, which adheres to both current legislation and RoS registration requirements while highlighting any potential extent problems, including cadastral conflicts.

The service takes advantage of our advanced geospatial software, comprehensive property data and expertise in land registration. With these resources our dedicated PAS team based in Edinburgh offers a valuable service to solicitors and landowners both large and small across Scotland.

PAS is also a cost-effective solution for mapping property title plans. Full costs are given up front and based on the number of titles in the request, so it is easy to budget. Additionally, the service continues past the initial provision of the plan, as the team can work with their clients to make any minor alterations required to the plan free of charge for up to six months.

Get in touch

It’s been a great year for the PAS team so far, with the enhanced service launching in February and over 300 requests successfully processed since that time.

User feedback on the improved digital service has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’ve set the groundwork to build further on this achievement.

Whether you are looking to submit a voluntary application for first registration, or digitise the entire land ownership record for a large estate, PAS will aim to provide a registration quality plan to assist and ease the registration process. For more information on PAS and how it can assist with your mapping requirements for registration, please visit the Registers website, or contact your account manager.

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