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15 May 17

Review of Adoption of Children in Scotland (Jack)

by Kathryn Janet Wilson (review editor: David J Dickson)

Adoption of Children in Scotland

5th edition

Morag Jack

ISBN: 978 0414032217

This fifth edition is a very welcome update. At the time of the fourth edition, the 2007 Act had only recently been brought into force. This edition brings the work up to date with comprehensive coverage of the practical aspects of adoption and permanence orders up to August 2016, covering amendments including in relation to children's hearings.

This is very much a practical guide for solicitors dealing with the adoption process in court and the legal implications arising from the making of an adoption order, with helpful chapters dealing with adoption and permanence orders, what is required in reports, and also basics such as who may adopt and how a child is placed. The author has been true to the previous format, and the chapters are well set out.

From a practitioner's point of view, there is a very informative chapter on opposed petitions, which would prove very helpful to anyone new to adoption work. As a practitioner dealing with adoptions, the cases referred in this chapter were particularly helpful. The appendix contains all necessary statutes and sheriff court rules, together with styles.

This book is a must-have for practitioners involved in adoption law.

Kathryn Janet Wilson, Melrose & Porteous, Duns


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