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Never a dull moment

14 August 17

In association with Ramsay Cornish, auctioneers: in the end, it's all about people

by Martin Cornish

The life of an auctioneer is never dull. Every day I meet people from all walks of life and learn something new. 
Undertaking a valuation can be straightforward or can be more unusual. Valuing the contents of a large Victorian property, still inhabited, with a three-metre tree growing out of the roof, negotiating my way round the often treacherous and largely derelict property, I found a set of 18th century volumes which went on to sell for several thousand pounds, and a painting by William McTaggart, to name only two treasures. 
A part that can be equally rewarding is meeting the family and in this case enjoying cups of tea with them in the dilapidated kitchen, talking over the best approach for handling the contents. It’s all about people in the end.  

Martin Cornish is senior auctioneer and valuer at Ramsay Cornish 

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