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The Clark Foundation for Legal Education

19 February 18

Applications for 2018 grant/scholarship invited

The Clark Foundation for Legal Education (SC018520) is a charitable trust established to promote and advance the legal, professional or business education or training of (1) persons studying or teaching law at universities or other institutions of higher education based in Scotland or anywhere else in the world; and (2) other persons practising law or involved in the administration of law in Scotland or elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

In furtherance of the above, the Foundation’s trustees invite applications for grants and scholarships from postgraduate and undergraduate students to assist them with courses of study in Scots law, or comparative legal systems, or the law of the European Union, or foreign languages or business management. The trustees will also consider applications from persons practising law in Scotland, whether as solicitors or advocates, those teaching Scots law, those arranging conferences, seminars and lectures, and those involved in research in, and the writing of legal textbooks on, Scots law and/or its relationship with other legal systems or the institutions of the European Union. Applications may also be made for grants to provide facilities and equipment (including computers and other IT equipment) for study and research including for the establishment and maintenance of libraries and study centres.

The grant and amount of any award, and the period for which it is to run, is within the discretion of the trustees. Awards will be made in September 2018 and all applications, which are to be completed on a standard application form only available from January 2018 upon request to the email address noted below, must be submitted in electronic form by no later than 31 March 2018. Please note that the Foundation does not support students studying for LLB/Diploma in Professional Legal Practice other than in exceptional hardship circumstances, which should be explained in the application form.

Please send your completed application before the stated deadline by email to:

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