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Sheriff calls for airgun ban

1 March 2006

A sheriff has called for a ban on airguns following the trial of a 24-year-old who shot his girlfriend in the head with one.

John McLean pointed the gun at his girlfriend's head and pulled the trigger, not realising that the gun was loaded. A pellet lodged itself in the woman's head and had to be removed by hospital staff who then told the police.

At Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday, McLean pleaded guilty to the charge of firing the airgun at his girlfriend. However, he did not receive a prison term and had his sentence deferred for six months for good behaviour.

Sheriff Richard Davidson said McLean was not the first young man to have a fascination with air weapons. The sheriff added that he found it difficult to understand why legislators still allowed them to be sold, and that it was high time the rules were revisited and not simply "tinkered" with.