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Delay in lawyer sentence

27 March 2006

A Glasgow lawyer who admitted smuggling drugs into Barlinnie Prison failed to appear for sentencing at the High Court in Edinburgh today because she is receiving psychiatric help.

Angela Baillie, 32, from Newton Mearns, was caught passing heroin and valium to a prisoner.

However, at today’s hearing the court was shown evidence from a psychiatrist that she is currently unfit to leave the establishment where she is being treated.

Defence QC Paul McBride told the court that Baillie has bi-polar disorder. He indicated that he will make a plea for leniency on grounds of diminished responsibility, as doctors believe that at the time of the offence the solicitor was suffering a major depressive episode.

Steps have already been taken by the Crown Office to recover £52,556 that Baillie allegedly made from drug dealing.

She is now due to be sentenced on 20 April.