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Online directory helps protect domain names

5 November 2008

Domain names management specialist NetNames is urging businesses to register domain names under the new ".tel" category before addresses become available to potential speculators and counterfeiters.

The .tel domain is a global directory that allows businesses and individuals to manage contact information online under a unique domain name, guiding users to details about the organisation. The directory will be launched on 3 December.

Organisations need to be aware of three important deadlines set by .tel registry, Telnic. A "sunrise" period will open on 3 December 2008 and close on 2 February 2009 during which time only ICANN accredited registrars will be allowed to submit applications received on behalf of owners and licensees of registered trademarks. Any other applicant can then apply via an ICANN accredited registrar until 23 March 2009, after which anyone can directly register the new domain.

Jonathan Robinson of NetNames said: “Businesses need to ensure they have taken the appropriate steps to register their new .tel domain before they become available on wider distribution. This will protect their brands from any online speculators, maximising their online presence.”

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