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Wind farm planning guidance published

20 November 2008

New advice for planning authorities on wind farms has been published today by the Scottish Government.

The planning advice note is designed to help authorities identify areas where proposals are likely to be supported; areas of significant protection such as sites of special scientific interest; and areas where other constraints will have to be properly addressed. It should help councils and national park authorities prepare their own guidance for considering wind farm applications.

Infrastructure Minister Stewart Stevenson said: "We want to see the renewables industry grow, but we do not want to see development anywhere or at any cost to the environment. The new Planning Advice Note will help planning authorities develop local solutions by making positive provision for renewable energy.

"This in turn will help developers and decision makers understand where there are opportunities for wind farms and where there are constraints."

Proposals to construct, extend or operate a wind farm with a generation capacity under 50MW are submitted to the local planning authority. Proposals in excess of 50MW require the consent of Scottish Ministers.

Scottish Government targets are to meet 50% per cent of electricity demand from renewables by 2020, and an interim target of 31% by 2011.

Follow this link to PAN 45: Annex 2: Spatial Frameworks and Supplementary Planning Guidance for Wind Farms.