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Courts to use 3D technology for presenting evidence

14 January 2010

New technology allowing juries to see computer-generated 3D reconstructions of crime scenes without leaving the courtroom is to be rolled out across Scotland.

The technology, developed by the Scottish Police Services Authority (SPSA) multimedia forensic unit in Glasgow, has already been used in high-profile cases such as the murders of Angelika Kluk and Kriss Donald.

It can be used to make complex situations more understandable while virtual models can be created of a body to show how a bullet or knife caused injury.

Solicitor General Frank Mulholland said the computer-generated images improved the explanation of evidence for jurors, and said they could also be useful as a substitute for photographs that were too distressing and horrific to show the jury.

Tom Nelson, director of forensic services for the SPSA, said it would revolutionise the way criminal investigations are carried out. Lawyers, jurors and judges could be given an interactive tour of a criminal investigation, he said, allowing for the best presentation of evidence as well as reducing the need for lengthy description and testimony in court.


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