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MIB property excess removed

5 May 2010

Under the Fifth Motor Insurance Directive, the UK was required to remove the £300 property damage excess which applied under the 1999 Uninsured Drivers’ Agreement between the Secretary of State for Transport and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau by 11 June 2007. On 7 November 2008 a supplementary agreement was entered into, removing the excess from the latter date.

The MIB has now made arrangements with the Secretary of State in respect of property damage claims arising on or after 11 June 2007 and before 7 November 2008 which would otherwise be subject to the excess.

Where a claim has previously been settled subject to the excess, MIB will reimburse the claimant if requested unless the money has been recovered by a different route. No additional payment will be made in respect of legal costs. The file will be reviewed if the MIB is contacted. In respect of claims not yet paid, no excess will be deducted.

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