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39 steps to cutting drink driving

24 June 2010

A crackdown on persistent drink driving has seen 39 offenders have their vehicles confiscated since December, it was announced yesterday.

Another 25 applications are pending in respect of the 210 drivers charged since then with a second or subsequent drink related offence.

Prosecutors are able to seek the seizure of a vehicle of a driver charged with an imprisonable offence, and repeat drink-driving offenders face having their vehicles sold or destroyed.

An Audi TT and a Land Rover Freelander are among the vehicles seized.

It has been suggested the seizure policy could be extended to first offenders with a very high reading and those who refuse a breath test, and also to those found driving while disqualified.

The details were given at the launch of a summer campaign against driving after taking drink or drugs. Around one in nine road fatalities in Sotland are believed to be caused by drink driving.

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