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President gives thanks for constitution feedback

23 July 2010

Law Society of Scotland President Jamie Millar has thanked solicitors who took the time to respond on the Society's consultation on changes to its constitution.

The consultation, which has run for six weeks, closes today. The Society has received several responses over the last few days, bringing the total number of submissions from individuals and solicitors' organisations to around 20.

Criticisms have been voiced in particular of proposals to increase the number of signatories required for motions and requisitions of meetings, and the proposed inability of a general meeting to bind the Society's Council. Respondents have also argued that the revision process is premature until the final text of the Legal Services (Scotland) Bill is known.

Mr Millar said: "I am grateful to all those who have taken time to discuss with colleagues, faculties and organisations and respond, often in detail. The constitution changes have been planned since 2007. Recent events have brought the constitution into focus and feedback from the AGM in May was that change, particularly around voting procedures (including proxy votes), and bringing motions to the AGM was necessary.

"All the responses will be taken into account and the profession will be kept informed of progress through our usual channels such as the Journal and Journal Online, e-bulletins, our website and the legal press. Particular concerns about motions passed at Council and whether the changes should be held until the Legal Services (Scotland) Bill has completed stage 3 will be addressed and I am grateful to those members and organisations who raised these points. I also welcome the feedback given at meetings with some individuals and groups who took up the Society's offer to discuss the proposals, possible improvements to the draft and concerns to be addressed. "

 Responses will be published on the Society website.

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