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Web analysis finds legal enquiries up 25% in three months

28 July 2010

Internet searches for legal-related consumer services rose 25% in May to 1.5 million, from 1.2 million in February, according to the latest quarterly analysis from search and social marketing consulting firm, Greenlight.

Greenlight uses industry data and proprietary technology to identify and classify 1,000 of the most popular search terms used by UK consumers looking for law firms for family, finance, business and negligence related matters.

Among the report’s main findings were that negligence-related matters accounted for 320,722 searches in May (21%), 8% of which were for the terms “accident claims” and “no win no fee”.

In finance law, the term “wills” and “conveyancing” accounted for 42% of the total search volume (71,000 in May). Interestingly, Wikipedia was the most visible site, increasing its share of voice by 20% since February.

In family law, the most searched for term was “Divorce”, accounting for 33,100 searches in May.

In business law, although RussellJones&Walker was the most visible firm, Greenlight found search visibility for the top 20 websites in this segment was relatively low. According to Greenlight this indicates there is considerable market share to be gained in the online industry for many firms.

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