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AA warns drivers of problems over pothole claims

7 January 2011

Motorists whose cars are damaged by potholes face obstacles in getting roads authorities to admit liability, according to the AA.

The drivers' organisation is warning that compensation payments are very difficult to secure, and has called on the public to "make nuisances of themselves" if an authority does not admit liability.

It estimates that last winter over £50m was paid out to drivers for damage caused by road defects, with a further £10m being claimed on insurance, and predicts that even more claims will be made following this season's severe weather.

An AA spokesperson said that although most people would be covered by their insurance, a claim would affect no-claims bonuses. If the pothole had previously been reported to a council a claim could be made.

For a claim to succeed, a driver has to prove that it was reasonable and practicable for the authority to have become aware of the defect in the road and to have had it repaired before the damage claimed for arose.

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