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Society calls for further cut in SLCC fee

24 January 2011

The Law Society of Scotland will be seeking a "meaningful reduction" in the levy payable by solicitors to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission in the next financial year, its chief executive Lorna Jack said today.

The Society was commenting on the publication of the SLCC's annual report for 2009-10 (click here for news report), which showed a falling number of complaints and a further surplus for the Commission.

Ms Jack said: “We are pleased that the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission has said they will be 'asking for less' when they set the levy for solicitors later this year. We hope this will be a meaningful reduction given the Commission’s reserves now stand at over £1m.

“It is important for the Commission to work as efficiently as possible and carefully manage its budget, particularly in the current economic climate when the solicitors who fund the Commission still face tough business decisions.

“The consultation on the Commission’s budget will begin shortly and we are urging solicitors to contact us so their views can be included in our own submission to the Commission as part of that consultation.”

Philip Yelland, Director of Regulation at the Society, said: “It is good to see a fall in the number of complaints made against solicitors compared with last year, which we believe has been partly driven by firms dealing more effectively with complaints at source. However, more work needs to be done to ensure a better understanding of the reasons behind this reduction.”

The Society is to meet with the SLCC in February as part of its annual levy consultation. Any members who have comments or issues to raise should contact Philip Yelland before Monday 14 February, at

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