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DLA Piper set to create "world's largest business law firm"

27 January 2011

Global law firm DLA Piper is aiming to merge with its Australian associate firm DLA Phillips Fox, the two firms announced today.

The merger, which is subject to the approval of three quarters of DLA Piper's partners, would create "the world's largest business law firm", according to a statement by DLA Piper's co-chief executive Sir Nigel Knowles and global chairman Frank Burch. The combined firm would have more than 4,000 lawyers in over 70 offices in 30 countries, including over 700 in the enlarged Asia Pacific operation.

DLA Piper has two Scottish offices, in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Knowles-Burch statement said: "The cementing of the relationship between DLA Piper and DLA Phillips Fox is part of our global strategy, and is an integral part in helping us become the world’s leading business law firm. As part of our strategy we are committed to expansion within the G20 nations, and with Australia as the 14th largest industrialised nation, it provides excellent opportunities with its strong ties to some of the most rapidly growing economies in Asia.

"With the integration of DLA Phillips Fox, DLA Piper will be the world’s largest business law firm, uniquely positioning our firm to serve the world’s leading enterprises wherever they may conduct business."

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East Kilbride Solicitors

Monday January 31, 2011, 20:40

With the creation of the world's largest law firm it will be interesting to see whether or not the expansion in size improves service for clients; and also what changes, if any, will impact upon their Glasgow and Edinburgh bases in Scotland.