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Second forced marriage protection order made

29 November 2012

The second forced marriage protection order to be made in Scotland under the new law to safeguard individuals' rights, has been announced by the Scottish Government.

An unnamed individual has used the new powers, brought into force a year ago, to obtain a protection order to prevent them from being forced into an arranged marriage.

Health Secretary Alex Neil said the fact that two orders had now been granted was "testament to the validity of implementing new legislation to protect victims or those under threat of a forced marriage".

He added: "We know people can be subjected to threats, assault, captivity or worse at the hands of their own family and we need to make sure that those affected by forced marriage receive the help and support they need.

"Forced marriage affects men as well as women and children and our legislation was designed to protect anyone living in fear or those who are being intimidated in any way."

Chair of Men’s Health Forum Scotland, Tim Street, said: "Men as well as women and children face the threat of forced marriage in Scotland. This is unacceptable and may cause mental health issues such as depression, as well as physical abuse of the victim."

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