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Scottish Courts embark on fresh user survey

28 May 2013

Scottish Court Service (SCS) has commissioned a further court user satisfaction survey, contacts for which are beginning this week.

The 2013 survey, an exit survey of court users including legal representatives, will be conducted by MVA Consultancy along similar lines to the last survey in 2011. A questionnaire will cover factors including:

  • treatment by SCS staff in terms of politeness and helpfulness;
  • information supplied by SCS staff before attending and while at court;
  • distance travelled and time taken to attend court, and mode of transport;
  • time spent waiting to take part in court proceedings or at a service counter;
  • cleanliness and comfort of accommodation and toilets; and
  • adequacy of facilities for people with special requirements.

The survey will cover the High Court of Justiciary, Court of Session, all sheriff courts and nearly all justice of the peace courts. Interviews will be conducted for at least one day per court during the period from 27 May to 12 July 2013.

Interviewers, carrying identity cards, will recruit court users as they leave after the conclusion of their business or excusal for the day. Judicial office holders and people aged under 16 will be screened out. It is anticipated that interviews will take at most 12 minutes to complete. Professional court users who do not have time to go through the questionnaire will have the option of taking a self-completion questionnaire with the same questions.

SCS seeks to use the survey to improve the quality and effectiveness of the services it provides, and will be grateful to those who assist by providing feedback.

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