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Lecturer threatened with flight bar after EasyJet tweet

25 September 2013

A Scottish law lecturer's tweet about the airline EasyJet led to him being threatened with not being allowed to board his flight.

Mark Leiser, a lecturer at Strathclyde University who is also editor of The Firm magazine, had posted a critical tweet after his flight was delayed and the airline was unable to give any assurances about catching onward connections.

After he posted the message "Flight delayed 90min. Soldier going to miss last connection & @easyjet refusing to help pay for him to get to Portsmouth. Get right into em!", he was approached by a manager who said he should not be tweeting like that, and that he would not be allowed to board the flight because he had criticised EasyJet on Twitter.

According to Mr Leiser, he asserted his right to free speech and was asked if he was "some kind of lawyer". After producing his ID from the university, he was eventually allowed to board after all the other passengers. He said the manager "only really let me on the flight because I flashed my law lecturing ID, and I don’t like doing that".

In a statement EasyJet said it had "never denied boarding due to comments on social media. On the rare occasion that we consider denying boarding it is on the basis of disruptive behaviour”.

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