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Lord Chief Justice becomes President of LawCare

1 November 2013

Sir John Thomas, the Lord Chief Justice of England & Wales, is the new President of LawCare, the lawyers' support charity has announced.

LawCare is an advisory and support service designed to help lawyers, their immediate families and their staff to deal with issues such as stress, depression, addiction, eating disorders and related emotional difficulties, through a confidential helpline service.

A judge since 1996, Sir John Thomas became Lord Chief Justice of England & Wales last month in succession to Lord Judge. in October 2013. He is viewed as a moderniser of the legal system.

Hilary Tilby, solicitor, barrister and chief executive of LawCare, said: “We are very pleased to have Sir John as our president. He is immensely talented and successful, yet fully understands the needs of others within the profession. Help at the right time makes all the difference and many of those we speak to go on to resolve their problems at an early stage.”

Extending his congratulations, Bruce Beveridge, President of the Law Society of Scotland, added: "LawCare provides very important support for the legal profession across the UK. Many lawyers work under a great deal of pressure and there are times when they need the kind of advice and support that LawCare can provide, whether because they are going through a particularly stressful time at work, coping with depression, having difficulties in their personal lives or have issues with alcohol or drugs.

"The fact that LawCare attracts support from the highest tiers of the legal profession shows the tremendous regard with which the charity is held and recognition of the support it can provide during critical periods in lawyers’ lives.”

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