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Society consults on new Council voting system

23 June 2014

Should the voting system for elections to the Law Society of Scotland's Council be changed? The question is being put to Scottish solicitors in the next phase of the ongoing work on the Society's constitution.

Electronic voting was introduced this year for the contested poll for Edinburgh representatives, but the votes were still counted using the traditional first past the post method. Now the Society is asking whether the single transferable vote (STV) should be introduced in its place.

The change would enable voters to list candidates in order of preference, votes being transferred from those receiving fewest first preferences and successful candidates being elected once they achieve a threshold share of the vote that confirms they are the preferred choice.

Council already uses STV for electing the Society's board and office bearers, as do the Law Society of England & Wales for its Council elections and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland (ICAS) and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors for elections to their governing bodies.

Council member Sheekha Saha, who is currently leading the working group on updating the Society's constitution, said: "As with all our constitutional changes, we want members to be given the chance to feed in their views before any formal proposal is brought to a general meeting.

"Our consultation is open until Friday 18 July. We have provided more background information and an easy to use online survey on our website. We have also provided more information on the working party and explained what we have been able to achieve so far."

For further information and to access a short online survey go to

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