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Dean's Dinner instituted as Faculty aims to reach out

15 February 2017

A dinner hosted by the Dean of the Faculty of Advocates to celebrate all things Scottish, is to be held in May as the Faculty seeks to "reach out" to wider Scottish society.

Preparations are underway for the inaugural Dean’s Dinner, to be held on 13 May in the main corridor of the Advocates Library.

Guests from all walks of Scottish life – from the arts to sport, and from government to business and academia – will be invited to enjoy an evening of meeting, mixing and chatting.

“The purpose of the dinner is to recognise the richness of Scottish civic society”, the Dean, Gordon Jackson QC, explained.

“I want to celebrate the institutions, like the Faculty, that make Scottish society great, and to bring together their ideas and their people.”

He added: “Since taking office, members have been telling me that the Faculty should be less insular and more outward looking, that we should reach out to wider society. We hope the Dean’s Dinner will be part of that, and that in years to come it will become something of an institution in its own right – a date which people from across Scotland and Scottish life will want to keep clear in their diaries.”


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