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UK sets out Brexit cross-border plan

23 August 2017

The UK government has issued a positioning paper setting out its approach to resolving cross-border legal disputes after Brexit.

It would like to see "close co-operation" on dealing with divorces, commercial disputes and consumer claims that span multiple countries.

Currently EU regulations specify how the appropriate court is chosen.

Lawyers and others have said that it is important to have clarity when the UK has left the organisation in March 2019.

They warn that the UK's status as a "global legal centre" for commercial contracts could be at risk unless clear arrangements are put in place.

According to the government disputes need to be resolved "in a clear and sensible way."

Justice Secretary David Lidington has said that more people than ever before are "living their lives across borders." However, he has insisted that the current system of EU law will not apply in the UK after Brexit.

The paper from the UK sets out a determination to "build on the existing foundation of co-operation and respect for the rule of law" with the EU.

Meantime, Brussels says there can be no movement on other issues until satisfactory progress has been made on citizens' rights, the UK's "divorce bill" and the Northern Ireland border.

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