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Employment tribunal fee refund scheme opens to all

16 November 2017

All those eligible for employment tribunal fee refunds can now apply via the UK Government website, following a successful opening phase of the scheme.

The scheme was put in place after the UK Supreme Court ruled in July that the fees introduced in 2013 were an unlawful restriction on access to justice.

An opening stage of the phased implementation was launched in October, with around 1,000 people given the chance to complete applications. This first phase "has now been successfully completed", according to the Ministry of Justice.

Creation of the scheme saw the Government working with trade unions who have supported large multiple claims potentially involving hundreds of claimants, and ahead of the full launch people were invited to pre-register their interest in applying.

Ministers have pledged to continue working with the unions to ensure those who are eligible are able to claim a refund.

It is estimated that up to £32m may be due in refunds. The Government has not ruled out introducing a different fees regime at a future date.

Click here to access the refund application process.


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