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Dress code gets a makeover at Gilson Gray

15 January 2018

Central Scotland-based firm Gilson Gray is challenging the ‘stiff-shirted’ legal image by introducing a modern dress code in its Edinburgh and Glasgow offices.

Its 'Dress For Your Day' approach gives employees the chance to swap formal business suits with a more relaxed workwear, including smart jeans.

According to Gilson Gray HR Director, Lesley Naylor, the aim is to give staff more opportunity to show off their personality, both within the business and with clients.
She said: “Pretty much every corporate firm has a ‘Dress Down Friday’ rule, but as a business that likes to defy convention, we thought that rules stating what you can and cannot wear should go much further than one day.
“We want to remove the daily dirge of corporate suits and dark colours that have been associated with solicitors and legal firms from time immemorial.”
The firm still insists that staff look neat and well-groomed, and are appropriately dressed for their daily business interactions. On times when a more formal business dress is required staff are expected to dress accordingly.
Gilson Gray hopes that giving employees more freedom with workwear will provide a boost for morale, innovation and company culture. And it may be that more legal firms will copy its lead in the future. 

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