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Minister writes to NGOs following abuse case

14 February 2018

Following allegations of abuse and misconduct by staff in the international development sector, Scotland’s International Development Minister, Dr Alasdair Allan, has written to all non-governmental organisations working overseas and funded by the Scottish Government. 

Specifically, he has asked for confirmation that robust safeguarding policies are in place to protect vulnerable groups.

In his letter Dr Allan says: “The Scottish Government expects the highest moral and ethical standards from those we fund to provide services to those people and communities who look to our support at their time of greatest need. We will not tolerate any form of human rights abuses or misconduct, wherever they take place.

“We expect our partner organisations wherever they are to monitor their work closely, and to be open, honest and transparent with us, and the public whenever there are any suggestions of abuse or malpractice.

“…the Scottish Government will not hesitate to take appropriate action whenever we suspect that any abuse has occurred, and we expect the same commitment from those working with us.”

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