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Ministers consider options to prevent pay docking for snow absence

5 March 2018

The Scottish Government is considering what powers it has to prevent employers from docking pay or taking other action against employees prevented from getting to work because of last week's snow.

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf said it was "simply not an acceptable situation" for people to face such action when the public had been told not to travel.

"I'd be extremely disappointed if employers chose to dock wages for somebody because they couldn't travel during the red weather warning", he told the BBC.

He said he had been contacted by people complaining that they were facing sanctions. A survey by the Scottish TUC has also revealed hundreds of respondents whi say they were forced to travel despite the warnings.

However employment law is a reserved matter and it is regarded as a general rule that employers are not obliged to pay someone if they cannot get to work – though some will accept a good excuse or allow staff to make up lost time, if they are unable to work from home. 

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