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Bail supervision guidance revised

8 January 2019

Revised guidance for the operation of local authority bail supervision services has been published by the Scottish Government.

Replacing guidance issued in January 2008, the document assists local authority criminal justice social work and other agencies involved in service delivery. It applies where individuals who would otherwise be held on remand are released on bail on the condition that they meet with a bail supervisor a specified number of times a week, the aim of these meetings being to support the individual to comply with the conditions of their bail. 

Bail supervision helps minimise the numbers of individuals held on remand in custody pending trial or for reports after conviction who, subject to safeguards in respect of public protection, could be released on bail to the community pending their further court hearing.

If successful, it increases the confidence of courts in the successful completion of bail periods through the availability of supervision, reduces the number of individuals remanded to custody, encourages greater confidence in the use of non-custodial disposals by sentencers, and provides appropriate support to individuals in the community, minimising disruption to families, employment and housing while ensuring compliance with bail conditions.

Click here to access the guidance.


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