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EHRC investigates criminal justice mental health issues

10 July 2019

Whether people with mental health and other conditions experience discrimination in the criminal justice system is the subject of two new surveys by the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

The work is part of the EHRC's inquiry into the criminal justice system, launched in March this year, which is aimed at improving access to justice by ensuring anyone accused of a crime is able to participate effectively in the process. Covering Scotland, England and Wales, the research is looking specifically at experiences in the pre-trial stage of the criminal justice system and any impact of court modernisation procedures.

It is examining whether people with mental health conditions, cognitive impairments (including problems with a person's thinking, communication, understanding or memory) and neuro-diverse conditions (including autism and ADHD) are experiencing discrimination and being put at risk of miscarriages of justice due to a lack of support.

Two surveys have been launched, one for criminal justice professionals and one for accused persons and their supporters, to contribute to the formal inquiry.

Professionals working in the criminal justice system can take part in the survey here.
Defendants, the accused and those who support them can contribute here.

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