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Obama trounces Blair in ‘popular lawyer’ survey

12 July 2019

Barack Obama would be a popular choice as a lawyer by UK consumers, while Tony Blair would be the least favourable, according to new research.

A survey, commissioned by mmadigital, a customer acquisition and digital marketing firm that operates in the legal sector, sought the opinions of over 500 people who have used or considered using legal services.

Barack Obama came top of the list of famous faces consumers would choose as their lawyer with 30 per cent of the votes. Nelson Mandela and Hilary Clinton were also popular choices, attracting 10 per cent of the votes each.

Contrastingly, when asked to identify who they’d least like to have as their lawyer, former prime minister Tony Blair received the most votes with 17 per cent. These results appear to be reflective of public perception: ratings by the polling firm YouGov currently list a 72 per cent positive opinion for Barack Obama, compared to just 18 per cent for Tony Blair.

When asked what traits they would expect from a lawyer, 24 per cent of respondents answered ‘confident and committed’, while 18 per cent chose ‘helpful and capable’.

However, there appears to be a disconnect between the personality and characteristics UK consumers want from a lawyer, and the traits they actually associate them with. One in five are likely to affiliate lawyers as being arrogant and obnoxious, while 12 per cent would associate them as being ‘dishonest and sneaky’ and ‘picky and finicky’.

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