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Avizandum Publishing list sold to Edinburgh University Press

13 August 2019

Independent legal publisher Avizandum has sold its list to Edinburgh University Press.

The Avizandum bookshop in Edinburgh's Candlemaker Row will continue to operate as an independent business.

As part of the deal, Margaret Cherry, director of Avizandum, will remain in a consultancy role with the editorial team for a further year. She said she was "delighted" that Avizandum's list would stay in Scotland, and the move represented "an exciting opportunity" for Avizandum's authors, due to Edinburgh University Press's worldwide marketing and distribution.

Timothy Wright, EUP chief executive, commented: "As we celebrate 70 years of publishing, this is an excellent and exciting development for the Press. The list will underpin our ongoing commissioning in the area of law and will complement the list of titles acquired from Dundee University Press in 2013 as well as our ongoing commissioning."


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