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National pay table shows solicitors behind train drivers

21 August 2019

Solicitors across the UK earn, on average, £43,725 a year, according to the UK Wage Chart.

The figure puts them ahead of quantity surveyors, software development specialists, civil engineers, vets and police officers, but behind IT project managers, electrical engineers - and nearly £10,000 a year behind train and tram drivers.

The chart, published by components firm RS, surveys 270 job types, claiming an overall average UK salary of £29,558 annually. Chief executives are highest paid on average at £97,083, while bar staff prop up the table at £15,082.

"Legal professionals" however - not further defined - are ranked fifth at an average £69,992 each year, compared with £75,855 for medical practitioners, who are in second place overall. "Legal associate professionals", probably paralegals and others without a full professional qualification, take home an average of £29,308.

The figure of course hides wide variations - newly qualified solicitors in some City of London firms are reportedly being offered six figure salaries, while some legal aid lawyers struggle to make a living.


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