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Letter: holding the Keeper to account (1)

11 Jan 18

ARTL reply suggests double standards being applied

by Carol Reid

I have read with interest the Keeper’s response to Mr McAndrew’s letter (Journal, December, 6). It very eloquently avoided answering the question. The profession may be interested to know that on challenging the Keeper in relation to erroneously rejecting a deed, they refused to make payment of a fee given that it was not a manifest error, indicating that everyone was entitled to make an error. It would appear that there are double standards here. Registers can make an error, but we are charged a fee as we cannot!

Carol L Reid, KW LAW, Livingston


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raymond hislop

Wednesday January 17, 2018, 10:42

There is a fundamental error with the 2012 Act. The Keeper should not have been given power to refuse any applications. To do so undermines the fundamentals of the registration system. Registration is now at the whim of the Registers, and in my view, purchasers have to be warned at the outset that their application to have their title registered may be refused, including on the plans aspect. Seriously bad legislation.

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