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Letter: praise for ScotLIS

6 Aug 18

Give Registers of Scotland credit for an excellent service

by Andrew Todd

My mum taught me that when someone does something well you should let them know – so, let me congratulate the Registers of Scotland for the new ScotLIS service for business users. It's as easy to use as Google Maps. It is simple and straightforward to download title sheets. It's a joy to use. Well done!

Andrew Todd, General Counsel, Springfield Properties plc


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Anthony Rosser

Wednesday December 5, 2018, 09:47

I was told to report something less than economic with the truth.

I am aware of the problems with the RoS ScotLIS system, here is a typical examples of 5 title plans where they are at odds with each other, as boundaries do not match each other.


ML9 2EQ 32 Burnside Place 21.10.2014

“ 34 “ “ 24.05.2002

“ 36. “ “ 19.05.2006

“ 38. “ “ 31.08.2001

ML9 2EH 2 Burnhead Road. 17.07.1986

Furthermore it has been noted to me that solicitors are using copies of ScotLIS plans to register changes to title deeds. Even though there is a clear warning on them stating “The boundary outline is not a precise representation.”

Together with the fact that photocopiers change the image sizes.

To exacerbate this with the scale being used the ‘Red Boundary Line’ on title deeds represents a dimension the width of a car.

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